Sunday, April 20, 2008

More images & how they were used


Carrie said...

Jasmine, I love your artwork. My favorites are:

** The Butterflies (I think it would make an awesome poster for a teen's bedroom)

** Pale Green picture with colored bird (just loved it, the colors and the curves)

** The last one of your daughter with the wings

I liked your sense of humor about your self-portrait. Do they really have beer guts in Canada? I thought that was only in the United States and Germany! ha ha

I've been blogging for about nine months and I often click "next blog" to check out other people's work. Really nice job, Jasmine!

Jasmine Bashaj said...


Thanks so much for you comments!:)Glad you like my stuff, come back, I have more to add, it's just a matter of time!

HAHA Of course they have beer guts in Canada!

Anonymous said...

The butterflies are my fav. I also like the first one.